I have a dream. Вірш студентки 143 групи Ілони Волошиної

dream2До вашої уваги чудовий вірш англійською мовою, який написала наша студентка Ілона Волошина (143 група).

We say that sincere dreams are children's,
That come from the heart and the soul,
That lulled by love and fairy tales,
With beauty, properly they grow.

I have it too: an enduring dream,
Which I have carried since I was small,
Enriched by the years I have lived,
And to implement it- is my goal.

At the age of seven years old
I dreamed of doing something great,
To built a shelter,for example,
Or change into good something that's bad.

My dream is simple- serve the world,
To create something good for others.
For my children to be proud of
Knowing I helped build a great, free country.

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